The new Type C Male to Male Data Cable is released!

USB C Fast Charge Cable

DTECH has released an innovative Type-C male to male Type-C full-featured data cable, providing users with a faster and more convenient data transmission and charging experience. This USB C TO TYPE C Fast Charging Cable adopts the latest Type-C interface technology and has full-featured performance to meet the diverse needs of users in various scenarios.

Compared with the traditional Type-C data cable, the biggest feature of this 5A Fast Charging Data Cable is that it has a Type-C male connector on one side and a Type-C male connector on the other side. This means that users can achieve two-way data transmission and charging functions, eliminating the cumbersome steps of using an adapter.

This USB 2.0 Male Data Cable also achieves significant improvements in connection speed. With the high-speed transmission technology of Type-C interface, the Type C to Type C Fast Charging Cable supports data transmission speeds of up to 40MB/S, making file transfer and data backup more efficient and faster. Users can complete the transmission of large amounts of data in just a few seconds, improving work and life efficiency.

In addition to high-speed data transmission, this USB Type C Male Fast Charging Data Transfer Cable also has a fast charging function. It supports PD140W high-power fast charging. Users can directly connect the charger and the device through this cable to achieve fast charging, which greatly shortens the charging time. Whether it is a mobile phone, tablet or laptop, you can use this data cable to achieve fast charging to meet the user’s dual needs for power and time.

This new Type-C male to male Type-C full-featured data cable provides users with greater convenience and flexibility and is suitable for various scenarios and devices. Whether in the office, home or traveling, users can enjoy the convenience of high-speed transmission and fast charging.


Post time: May-21-2024