About Dtech usb to rs232 Serial Cable

Dtech USB to RS232 serial cable is a tool for connecting computers and serial devices. By converting the USB port to a serial port interface, it can realize the data transmission between the computer and the physical serial port.This kind of product usually consists of a USB interface at one end and an RS232 serial interface at the other end. It is suitable for many old serial devices (such as old printers, modems, safes, etc.), and it still has practical applications in modern work and life.

usb to rs232 cable

usb to rs232 cable

Compared with traditional serial cables, USB to RS232 serial cables can provide faster data transmission speeds, while also being more stable and practical.It can support transmission rates up to 115200bps, and supports Windows, macOS, Linux and other operating systems.Through this cable, users can easily connect serial devices to modern computers, and use the data transmission between the computer and the serial device to achieve various control and monitoring operations.


rs232 cbale

This product also has the characteristics of being widely applicable. It is suitable for many different types of serial devices, such as modems, routers, PLCs, industrial control instruments, etc.At the same time, since the USB to RS232 serial cable can obtain power from the computer’s USB bus, it does not require additional power supply, and it also has the advantages of easy to use and easy to install.

usb to rs232

usb to rs232 serial cbale

In short, the USB to RS232 serial cable is a convenient and practical tool that provides users with fast, stable and high-quality serial connection functions to realize data transmission between more serial devices and computers.

Post time: Jun-25-2023