What is Lock Screen Treasure?

HDMI Lock Screen Treasure

Lock Screen Treasure Usage
1. Solve the problem that the host has no display and cannot operate normal
2. Solve the problem of remote control host, black screen and low resolution.
3. Solve the problem that the host stops for no reason when running and the graphics card does not work.
4. Auxiliary tools for remote software such as Sunflower teamviewer anydesk.

HDMI Lock Screen Treasure

Main functions of lock screen treasure/signal fixator
It has the function of simulating the display, storing the name of the device, resolution and refresh rate and other functions. Bind the signal source output end to this adapter, so that when the monitor or TV LCD screen is powered off, or a KVM switch is used, the original information and sequence can still be maintained, allowing the computer to work normally as if there is a connected screen. (It can be used as a virtual display. When the display is powered off or the display cable is hot-plugged, the video signal will not be lost, the screen will not change, and the order will not be messed up.)

Main Advantages
1. Can simulate 4K resolution, that is 3840*2160 resolution.
2. Small size, low power consumption, no heat.
3. Support plug-and-play and hot-swappable.
4. No driver required, supports mainstream systems.

Application scenario simulation

A: Large screen application wall project
During the internal debugging process before installation, EDID simulates the display screen, which can be easily debugged without considering transportation difficulties such as excessive quantity and fragility of the screen.

B. Large screen splicing/fusion project
Encountering issues such as loose wires and power outages that led to overall screen failure, screen loss, screen disorder, etc. With EDID screen lock, you can find the cause of any screen failure. Solving small problems on your own does not require professionals to be on standby anytime, anywhere.

C:LED screen
Light emitting diodes for LED curtain walls are calculated in pixels. For splicing, if EDID is not used, once the pixels change, the screen display will not match. Using EDID Screen Locker can lock the resolution without changing and achieve point-to-point.

D: Fish screen/projection/fusion
Lock the screen resolution and refresh to ensure the desired display effect is achieved.

E: Remote control
The remote computer room uses EDID lock screen treasure virtual display, which is convenient for remote control and greatly reduces space and budget.

F: Family game streaming
Using Lock Screen Treasure can achieve resolution and refresh high graphics quality.

Post time: May-06-2024