Happy news!Dtech won the titles of ”Innovative small and Medium-sized enterprises“ and ”Specialized and special new small and medium-sized enterprises”!

In the evaluation of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, the identification and review of specialized and special new small and medium-sized enterprises carried out by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Guangzhou Dtech Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. stood out among many enterprises and won the titles of “Innovative small and medium-sized enterprises” and “Specialized and special new small and medium-sized enterprises”!

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The evaluation indicators of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises include six indicators in three categories: innovation ability, growth, and specialization, and the evaluation indicators of specialized and special new small and medium-sized enterprises include thirteen indicators in four categories: specialization, refinement, specialization, and innovation ability.

To declare a new and specialized small and medium-sized enterprise, it must be an innovative small and medium-sized enterprise.

Specialization, specialization and innovation” refers to the development characteristics of an enterprise with specialization, refinement, specialization and novelty.By guiding the new development of small and medium-sized enterprises in specialization and specialization, it will further stimulate the vitality and development momentum of small and medium-sized enterprises and promote the transformation and upgrading of small and medium-sized enterprises.And based on specialized and special-new small and medium-sized enterprises, in the fields of core basic components (components), key basic materials, advanced basic technology and industrial technology foundation, a group of specialized and special-new “little giants” with outstanding main business, strong competitiveness and good growth will be cultivated to guide the growth into a single champion in the manufacturing industry.

Specialization”: Specialization (the main business focuses on majors).Enterprises focus on their core business and have the ability to specialize in production, service and collaboration. Their products and services are in a dominant position in a certain link of the industrial chain, providing high-quality parts, components, supporting products and supporting services for large enterprises, large projects and the industrial chain.

Fine”: refinement (fine and efficient management).The operation and management of the enterprise is fine and efficient. A fine and efficient system, process and system have been established in the operation and management, and the production, management and service have been refined, forming core competitiveness, and the quality of its products or services is excellent.

Special”: specialization (unique products and services).For specific markets or specific consumer groups, enterprises use characteristic resources, traditional skills, regional culture, or use unique techniques, technologies, formulas, or special raw materials to develop and produce or provide unique products or services. It has unique, unique, and exclusive production characteristics, and has strong influence and brand awareness.

New”: novelty (significant achievements in innovation ability).The innovation ability of an enterprise has achieved remarkable results, has the ability to continuously innovate, and has achieved relatively obvious results. The products or services of an enterprise belong to the new economy, new industrial fields, or innovative achievements in new technologies, new processes, new ideas, new models, etc., Have independent intellectual property rights, broad application prospects, high-tech content or added value, significant economic and social benefits, and good development potential.


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Winning the honors of “innovative small and medium-sized enterprises” and “specialized and special new small and medium-sized enterprises” shows that Dieter has demonstrated specialization, refinement, specialization and novelty in scientific and technological innovation, R&D and production, and achievement transformation, and has been affirmed and recognized by relevant government departments and industries.

Under the leadership of Chairman Mr. Xie Yu, Dite has always adhered to the corporate values of customer first, teamwork, integrity, initiative, and gratitude and return, so as to provide more value to the society and contribute more to the development of the country. Strength.

In the future, Dtech will continue to uphold its mission and abide by its philosophy, and make unremitting efforts to create an industrial IOT intelligent manufacturing platform!


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Post time: Jun-25-2023